Today I started a new weekend project, it is an itch I have had for a while now.

Do I have time for this project with everything else currently going? Probably not, I am currently working on Socializd, Airranged, my other side project, Resume’ed, and volunteering at ClassicPress. That being said, I am excited about starting this new project.

Sitting on thoughts

I have been sitting on this idea for a while now, around 6 months I believe, and whenever I sat down to rest or my mind was idle for a bit I always caught myself thinking through this problem.  I will be the first to admit that sometimes I take too much on, or in other words I am a serial entrepreneur.

That being said, I have always found it better to act on a thought or idea, than to keep kicking it down the road. If you keep kicking a thought or idea down the road that usually means it never comes to fruition. It is the same reason I started Resume’ed, and that turned out really great so far!

So I started transferring my thoughts to paper.

Starting a startup

I have no idea if this is a viable service yet (it will be a SaaS product – I think), but for now I have begun working on the storyboard for this new platform! I enjoy using a notebook for this phase as it allows me to quickly iterate over the user flow. In the picture below I am working on the user onboarding screens and trying to figure out what I will need in the backend.

Next step is to transfer my thoughts from paper to digital. I never used to think this was important, but I do now. Transferring your ‘paper’ thoughts to ‘digital’ thoughts, cements them as real. At least in my mind it does! It also allows you to also start getting feedback on your idea. I have always found it easier to explain my idea once it is in a digital format!

Anyways, I keep you updated on my progress here and on my Twitter:

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


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